The basics

Katie and I are bundled up for the weather in Vermont on our first holiday as a family.

Name: Juliet Nichola Jones (maiden name- Luke)
Born: 5th October, 1969
Original Home: Buckinghamshire, England
Current Home: Tarrytown, New York
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: blue

The Bernard Pivot Questionnaire [from Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio, because I'm now a film star]

Q: What is your favorite word?
A: Cantankerous

Q: What is your least favorite word?
A: Awkward

Q: What turns you on?
A: People

Q: What turns you off?
A: Religion

Q: What sound do you love?
A: Rain on windows (when I'm inside and warm)

Q: What sound do you hate?
A: Car horns

Q: What is your favorite curse word?
A: None, don't swear that much

Q: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
A: Drummer in a rock and roll band

Q: What profession would you not like to participate in?
A: Law

Q: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
A: "You should have listened to your grandmother" -- she was going to be a missionary and my grandfather was a lay preacher


Movie: Truly Madly Deeply
Color: Blue
Food: Chocolate
Liquor: Gin and tonic
Hobbies: Cycling, snowboarding, hiking
Vacation spot: Anywhere in the mountains
Music: 80s pop
Artist: Kate Bush
Song: Rock Lobster, by the B-52s
Religion: None
Car: Fiat 500
Country: U.S.A. (because of the space and diversity)
Sport: Cycling
TV show: Absolutely Fabulous
Book: "A Suitable Boy," by Vikram Seth
Writer: George Elliot
Time of day: Morning
Holiday: Christmas
Age: 30


Richard and Juliet Jones