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Mum with Orlando, who is now in Kitty Heaven.


Otherwise known as Dorothy Southward, she lives in Devon, England with my stepfather Richard and a black cat called Tufty. She's a gentle, caring person with a passion for gardening. She works part-time at a National Trust Property in Devon in the garden centre. She makes patchwork quilts, most recently one for her only andfavourite grandchild, Katie.

Becky holds Katie at age one month.


Beck's a police officer in Milton Keynes, England. She's been very supportive and protective of me since my diagnosis. Growing up we did fight a lot, like good siblings should, but we've been really close since we both left home. Beck lives in Bicester, England and loves decorating her house. When she visited me in January, she painted my guestroom.



My Dad lives in Milton Keynes, England. He is the sort of person who is always the centre of attention at a party, he loves to socialize and tell jokes. He has a passion for jazz and plays the trombone in a local band in his spare time. He also loves to hike and to ski whenever he gets the chance.


Val and Jim are Richard's parents. They live in the Lake District England. They were here when Katie was born and have been fantastic support for both of us during this time. Val is a keen horse woman, she has a Trakehner horse called Fernando who she is breaking in. She loves to compete in dressage, jumping and cross country events. Jim has recently retired from the nuclear industry and now can enjoy his greenhouse and collection of cacti and palms and lots of DIY.


My Nan is 80 years old and lives in Wiltshire. She is originally from Austria and came to London in 1938 to learn English. She got stuck here because of the war and then met and married my grandfather when she was just 17 years old. She and my grandfather had 2 children and lived in South East London for a few years, once he returned from the war. They later moved to Buckinghamshire. My grandfather sadly passed away in November 2002, they had been married for 62 years. She is a very sociable person and loves to have a big network of friends around her.





Richard and Juliet Jones