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Theakston strikes a pose.


A quiet cat, Theakston likes to lie on his back with legs in the air inviting anyone to scratch his tummy. His name comes from a dark Ale from the North of England. He isslightly neurotic, obsessive compulsively over washing his fur leaving large bald spots. On occasion he likes to throw up on the carpet, especially when we have company. As a Tonkinese purebred, he has high aspirations in life and hopes to one day conduct the New York Symphony Orchestra.

Firkin demonstrates his fine pedigree


The Yin to Teakston's Yang, Firkin is noisy, skinny and a bit regal. His name is actually Montrachet, which is the name of my favorite kind white wine, but Montrachet is too xpensive. So, he goes by Firkin, after an English brewery, to bring him down to our level. He likes to open doors himself, hide in cupboards and run from strangers. One day, though, he has promised to own his own vineyard so he can make me my own vintage.



Richard and Juliet Jones